Flopsy Lops Rabbitry

About Us

Flopsy Lops is a small rabbitry located in Richmond VT. I breed Holland and Mini Lops. Almost all of my bunnies are fully pedigreed, some have partial pedigrees.

All of my bunnies are sweet and lovable. I have so much fun with them. It is a lot of work too, but I think it is worth it!

My current goal is to breed high quality pedigreed stock for pet and brood purposes. In the future I may get involved in showing bunnies, but I have to get on my feet first.

The main colors I am breeding are BEW, Blue, Orange, Tri, Harli and Chinchilla. All are just starting out and in the beginning stages. I hope to have some successful breeding this year.

Photo: My orange buck - SETH


A small family owned rabbitry in VT specializing in purebred and pedigreed Mini & Holland Lops in a variety of colors including BEW.